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Azzi Lab
Harnessing the regulatory arm of the immune system to develop targeted therapeutics through a multidisciplinary approach
Welcome to the Azzi Lab

Located in the Longwood Medical Area, the Azzi lab is a home to a group of young and talented scientists from diverse backgrounds. Combining the skills and experiences of clinicians, surgeons, scientists, and engineers, we focus on understanding the regulatory arm of the immune system with the goal of developing targeted therapeutics that help to control the immune system from within. We use multidisciplinary approaches in collaboration with pioneers in chemical engineering to drive medical research that advances the field of immunology.

Our Multidisciplinary Approach



Image: Macrophages Engulfing Cancerous Myeloma Cells



Image: Definition of the Crystal Structure of the Immunoproteasome



Image: Design and Validation of TCR-Responsive Nanoparticles

Translating Discoveries to Patient Care

1_Multidimensional Phenotyping

Multidimensional Phenotyping of Transplant Rejection

2_Non-Invasive Biomarkers

Non-Invasive Biomarkers for Monitoring Kidney Transplant

3_Targeted Therapies

Preventing Allograft Rejection with Targeted Therapies

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